Disabilities Awareness Camps

Disable training programme were held for the parents & families of differently abled person on 2018-2019, at Bijapur, Bastar state Chhattisgarh. The meeting was presided by Dr. Anokh Kumar secretary of Philadelphia Rural Development Society (PRDS). The secretary in his speech praised the authorities and all concerned for holding the training programme at Bijapur at Bijapur district state of Chhattisgarh, a remote area of Bijapur district. Where no such training programme was held before.


            The parents and families were taught by the visiting physiotherapist Dr. Shyam Kumar Panigrahi regarding the care & cure of their differently abled child. They were trained of various habits and behaviours to maintain the normal activities of daily living (ADL) of their differently abled persons. They were also trained with various forms of exercises depending and get trained to earn their living and a good life.

            Dr. Alok Kumar requested the participants to make good use of this training programme so that they can help their disabled children to lead a normal life and advised them to consult physician in this regard.

            The training programme was attended by around 300 persons who lasted for month of April-May and they were provided lunch & D.A. for it.