Educational (Adult-Children) Program

Child Education Program (ASC)

Children below the age of 18 constitute half of the population of our country. Today’s child is tomorrows leader. Unless a child is from the very childhood our nation will not have matured citizens in it. So we give priority to the holistic development of the child. PRDS formed 22 children development clubs during this year in our operation areas of Bijapur and Dantewada district. We provided sports materials, tuition and snacks in these centers. It was one of the most successful program of the year. PRDS established 13 children Development Clubs during the current year in the three blocks of Bijapur and Dantewada districts. In total 300 children were benefited from this program. ASC played a great role in building the life of children of marginalized community physically, mentally, morally and emotionally. Sports materials, study materials were provided to the 13 centers, which were run by our animators. Seva Bharat & Letha Charitable Trust provided the required fund for these programs. The children, who were dropouts and not going to School, they are attending regularly in these centers. The regular students are also attending at the centers and improving their standard. The first popular program of PRDS is Children Development Program of Golden Bud program This is the program specially designed for children with in the age range of 3 to 18 years. Only children are the focus here. Children are the main components of society and they can act as the change agents for families and society as a whole. We nourish the neglected and marginalized children, where they are given physical, intellectual as well as moral nurture by the trained leaders. This program involves the following measures-a- Organizing Training program for Master trainers c- Organizing training program for trainers or leaders d. Formation of Golden Bud  Centers by leaders in different places initially for one year and time period is extended gradually . During last 3 year PRDS organized 2 masters trainers for 36 leaders, 6 leaders training programs for 240 leaders and 12 Golden Bud centres were formed successfully in Bijapur & Dantewada districts of Chhattisgarh.


Literacy Promotion

PRDS believers that education is a matter of right of every citizen. Unless every citizen is literate no Nation can be knowledgeable. In order to take the operational area of PRDS hundred percent literates the organization is running 15 adult literacy centers in Bijapur district. In these centers the animators of PRDS are conducting classes to achieve the cent percent literacy target within three years. During the current year about 450 illiterate women as well as men became literate out of these centers.