Legal Awareness Program (Pathshala Camps)

Through this program we have plan open air meetings/Legal classes and teach them by Advocates and Educated persons where we have called peoples to know each other and meet each others and they can share their experience. We are trying to develop their Legal, spiritual, mental, physical and social through this program. Open air meeting is very specially for our organization we are arranged local contribution and friends support in this we are providing 3 to 5 days accommodation, food and travel for participatory. Every year we have doing 3 to 5 programs to different places in Chhattisgarh state. People’s awareness and human development goes hand in hand together Realizing this phenomena the CTP is designed to raise the quality of rural life through word and action. This is headed by a Program officer. The activities include health, legal and social awareness program, eye and blood donation camps, formation and of self help groups, organizing self help vocational trainings, community leadership trainings, adult education program etc.