Agriculture Awareness & Program

Bijapur faced water problem because of there no any big river or big water management facilities so our team have organized programs among the villagers and encourage to save the water and use it for good agriculture we have develop some groups in village area where they are trying to get water storing in raining season and also making small lakes in possible places. We are doing SHGs of farmers where they can take benefits from govt. programs that’s ATMA programs having plan to develop their agriculture scope and We have took position in governing membership in ATMA program a unite of Agriculture department.

We have two KRISHI YANTRA SEWA KENDRA one is in Bijapur and another is in Usoor. through this center we are ficilitating farmers in cheap rates.


Our organization PRDS have done 2 tour visit by formers from bijapur to bastar and Ordhisa through this program we have visit 10 forms & Agriculture centers during this visit program through 20-20 formers. We have supported by ATMA unite of Agriculture department. We have focus villagers and formers they can learn and use new techniques for agriculture development in their local forms. We have plan to develop formers self-help groups and teach them to use new techniques and methods for agriculture programs.