Health Awareness Camps

One of the famous word-”Health is Wealth” One of the basic objectives of PRDS is to assure good health to all the people. In order to realize this goal two-day health camps were organized in eight villages of BIJAPUR and six villages of Dantewada district. In these camps more than 500 men, women and children participated. Specialized medical professionals from within and outside the district contributed their valuable advice to the patients. In this camp special care was laid on the child and mother health, reproductive child health, identification of communicable diseases like TB, Leprosy, Hepatitis and Sexually transmitted disease and also Cancer. This occasion was used to lunch the safe motherhood campaign, Nasha mukti center and  More than 60 expectant mothers were immunized in this camp. Free medicines were distributed among the needy and the poorer section of the participants. The 2015-18 was observed as the World Health Day. On this occasion, PRDS organized an awareness program in different places of BIJAPUR and Dantewada to make the people aware regarding the common diseases and how to prevent their occurrence. Health checkup camps were organized on the day and free medicines were distributed to the affected people out of the donations collected on that day.