Philadelphia Rural Development Society (PRDS) was established in 1997, since then the organization has been expanding continuously in terms of social development service. It has worked for the promotion of sustainable, equitable and participatory development, social welfare and social justice through: Program for social work, Human Resources Management, Health service and other human service through social research and dissemination of socially relevant knowledge, social intervention through training and field action, contribution to social and welfare policy and program at state, over the years, the organization has among others (NGOs , societies) thrusts made a significant contribution to planning, action strategies and Human Resource Development in several areas, ranging from sustainable rural and urban development to education, health ,Agriculture, and Human Rights, in all case ,the focus has been on the disadvantaged and marginalized section of societies, such as women, children and tribals.

Philadelphia Rural Development Society (PRDS) is the nonprofit NGO which has been working for the community development & holistic development of the people. The founder of this organization is Late Rev. K. Israel, he is the one who laid his first step to start spiritual welfare since 1964 to spread the good news all over the south bastar. In this area there was no registered organization during at that time He him selves worked without registration and later in 1997 he had a team with him and with his team he formed an own registered organization called (Philadelphia Rural Development Society) PRDS under government of India. Now our organization is working by the grace of God smoothly. At the present era this organization’s head office is in Bijapur and focusing to spread the good news all over state, and praying that each village should have one human development centers and through we trying to transforming the community and there peoples. To establish the human development center our work might be different like social activities but the organization main ambition is to establish the human development centers so that Peace’s kingdom might establish.


PRDS a grass root level social welfare lead voluntary organization with the noble aim of upliftment of socially downtrodden community belonging to both rural & urban area, inclusive of the tribal communities of Chhattisgarh. PRDS, an institute was promoted by a group of young social workers & intellectuals, deeply involved in the development of poor residing in far – off & socially neglected area. PRDS today acts as a catalyst and has deep rooted reach to geographically far-off places for developing self-reliance among the poor and neglected frame work. It interacts with the communities and helps them implement development program and also supplement the effort of govt. as well as Govt. and other development agencies & local sponsors.

PRDS works for the total development of the society through honest concern for human being. The organization integrated approach towards helping the integrated development of the Education, Health, Agriculture, Formation of Self-Help groups, Awareness programs, Disability Awareness programs, AIDs Awareness, Spiritual Growing Camps, Youth Programs, Women Programs, other training programs, Sewing Training Programs, Skill Development Programs,  Environment Awareness Programs, Legal Help and Awareness Camps, Water Save, women, Children as well as at risk population has brought about returns.

PRDS believes that no development activities could be possible unless bread coverage of human population form all barriers of development of cultural & Structure aspects of social change. The organization stands for promoting social, economic & cultural justice to all social-welfare irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion or language. PRDS aims at empowering the poor rural peoples through organization building, promotion in decision making, as well as participation in the developmental activities at the grass root level.